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Compounds, Dressings, Car Wax & Polishes
Sterling Labs - premium products at discount prices!
Blue Diamond Vinyl & Plastic Coating - Gallon
Blue Diamond Vinyl & Plastic Coating - GallonFor a premium coating that will provide a rich new look, try Sterling Blue Diamond. Great for tires, trim, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Gives you a long-lasting mirror-like coating. Needs no wiping - just spray on and walk away! more >>>
$22.95 Buy Now
FadeAway Vinyl and Rubber Dressing/Protectant/Condition - Gallon
FadeAway Vinyl and Rubber Dressing/Protectant/Condition - GallonSterling FadeAway will restore the original shine and luster to most interior and exterior trim. Just as the name says, use this on faded tires, dashboards, consoles, door and trunk seals, and other interior & exterior trim pieces to fade away the old dull finish and restore an original shine and luster! Great on leather and treated wood panel interiors. Use on newer condition cars to re-create a showroom shine. more >>>
$18.95 Buy Now
GR8 Shine! - Premium Dressing - Gallon
GR8 Shine! - Premium Dressing - GallonPremium, long-lasting, eco-friendly dressing/brightener for tires, vinyl and rubber. Water-based dressing is safe to use and can be sprayed or wiped on with a sponge or applicator pad. No need to wipe off - for maximum gloss just let it air dry. For interior and exterior surfaces, including the engine compartment! Will not leave an oily or greasy finish. more >>>
$14.50 Buy Now
Green Monster Durable Quick Wax - Gallon
Green Monster Durable Quick Wax - GallonPremium quick wax blended from the highest quality ingredients and formulated to protect the painted surface from the elements. Yields excellent results by hand or machine, and either as a one-step finish or after compounding. more >>>
$25.95 Item Sold Out
Ice Vinyl and Plastic Coating - Gallon
Ice Vinyl and Plastic Coating - GallonSterling Ice Vinyl and Plastic Coating creates a long lasting mirror-like coating! Great for tires, trim, and vinyl and plastic surfaces. It produces a rich new look that will last for months and will protect surfaces from drying and cracking. Just spray on and walk away! more >>>
$21.50 Buy Now
MAGIC Vinyl & Plastic Coating - Gallon
MAGIC Vinyl & Plastic Coating - GallonFor the ultimate in tire shine use a little Sterling Magic! The best hand car washes and detail shops use the best products, and for tires they use Magic. Also great for automotive trim. Produces a smooth "wet look" and lasts so long it's MAGIC! Super thick, apply this with a towel or sponge applicator (not sprayable). more >>>
$33.95 Buy Now
Magna Shine Paste Wax
Magna Shine Paste WaxA superior paste wax at an economical price! Fortified with the highest grades of carnauba waxes. Easy to apply by hand or with an orbital buffer. Leaves a durable "wet shine" look. Safe for all clear coats or any delicate finishes. 16 oz. can. more >>>
$9.50 Buy Now
Product 24 Premium Glaze - Gallon
Product 24 Premium Glaze - GallonA premium glaze and swirl remover that is effective on clear-coats and all other modern finishes. Designed to restore the original shine to all automotive finishes. Contains cleaners and polishing agents that work to remove or fill in surface scratches, enhancing the shine. Product 24 also works to eliminate swirl marks and correct slight paint problems while creating a deep luster. Easily applied by hand or machine. more >>>
$24.95 Buy Now
Wash and Wax with Carnauba - Gallon
Wash and Wax with Carnauba - GallonSterling Wash and Wax with Carnauba is tough on dirt, yet gentle on the painted surface. A concentrated blend of polymers and cleaners that cleans gently without stripping wax or spotting glass or trim. It will leave your vehicle looking bright and clean. Carnauba promotes water beading and protects painted surfaces. Highly concentrated and very cost effective - use 1 to 2 ounces per gallon! Perfect for proportioners. Biodegradable. more >>>
$12.50 Buy Now
Wax Enhancer - Gallon
Wax Enhancer - GallonWhen your car needs to look its best, rely on the ultimate dual use product - Sterling Wax Enhancer. Can be used as a final detail and showroom wax or as a clay lubricant. In just minutes, you'll have a shimmering gloss that will turn heads - without using water! Perfect for show day! more >>>
$17.50 Buy Now
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01.GR8 Shine! - Premium Dressing - Gallon
02.Wash and Wax with Carnauba - Gallon
03.Magna Shine Paste Wax
04.Product 24 Premium Glaze - Gallon
05.FadeAway Vinyl and Rubber Dressing/Protectant/Condition - Gallon
06.Blue Diamond Vinyl & Plastic Coating - Gallon
07.Wax Enhancer - Gallon
08.Ice Vinyl and Plastic Coating - Gallon
09.Green Monster Durable Quick Wax - Gallon
10.MAGIC Vinyl & Plastic Coating - Gallon

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