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Exterior Cleaning Interior Cleaning Exterior Dressing Waxing & Polishing
Step 2: Interior Cleaning

Purpose: To remove dirt, stains, and odors; make interior look as good as possible; identify any carpet, upholstery, or trim repairs that need to be done

Procedure Why do this Recommended Products Useful Equipment Tips
1) Dry brush carpets Loosens dirt and makes carpet pile stand up; vacuuming is easier    
2) Use compressed air to blow dirt from cracks, crevices, and between seats Moves hard to reach dirt to where it can be easily vacuumed   Console and dash crevices and air conditioner ducts
3) Vacuum interior, ashtrays, glove box, trunk carpet, and all trunk compartments Removes all loose dirt before attempting to clean carpet and seats   Shop vacuum with crevice tool Use Chrome Aluminum spray paint to restore interior of ashtray
4) Clean all vinyl surfaces Procedures #4 through #7 are done before cleaning seats and carpets; eliminates risk of re-soiling seats and carpets while cleaning and dressing trim and cleaning windows Slap Shot diluted 20-to-1 Spray onto towel, not directly onto surface
5) Clean headliner (if needed), sun visors, ashtrays, and glove box Slap Shot diluted 20-to-1   Do not use solvents
6) Dress all vinyl areas, except accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel Fade Away Applicator Pad Surface should have non-shiny finish
7) Clean interior windows using two towel method; remove unnecessary decals Glass Cleaner Two towels - one for cleaning and one for buffing Do not use ammonia cleaner on window tint
8) Pre-spot trouble areas on carpet, seats, door trim, and trunk carpet   Slap Shot diluted 20-to-1 Spray bottle and trigger Do not over saturate
9) Clean carpet, seats, door trim, and trunk carpet Hot water extractor produces cleaner and drier interiors in less time; helps eliminate odors; less drying time If cleaning without extractor, use Game Breaker - 2 oz. into a 5 gal. pail - Suds Only.
10) Dye stains as needed Spray dying saves time and covers impossible to remove stains Hi-Tech Vinyl, Plastic and Carpet Dye Stiff nylon brush Brush to apply evenly. After dry, brush to original pile
11) Clean and condition leather surfaces as required    
12) Reinstall spare tire and tighten down all equipment       Do not dress spare tire

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01.Carpet, Vinyl, & Plastic Dye
02.Trigger Sprayer - Gray Chemical Resistant
03.Quart Spray Bottle
04.Mesh Bug Sponge - Large 4 in. x 7 in.
05.Do-All Scrubber - Large
06.Trigger Sprayer - Speedway EZ Pull Chemical Resistant BLUE
07.Terry Cloth Orbital Bonnet - 11"
08.Polish Applicator Bottle - 16 oz.
09.Total Release Odor Eliminator - Fresh Air
10.Pet Hair Remover Rock

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